Park Ranger Steve

Naturalist Steve Robinson

5/4/1950 - 10/1/2007

The Everglades Adventure - A Solo Memorial Adventure in 'Robinson Calusa'

The Everglades Project - A Sailing Outrigger Canoe Adventure

Steve Robinson - Legend of the Everglades and Crater Lake! - Steve lived life in harmony with nature and all things around him

I was fortunate to have had a cousin with such depth of perception on "real life" - a chance encounter with this kind-hearted man was an experience not forgotten

Steve - your Spirit is in all of us - we will see you on the other side one day - Love you Man!...Steb

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from Brian Ettling about Steve - I will never forget what you once told me about people, you said quote,

"My goal in life is to remove the rocks from people's paths"

I immediately wrote that down and taped it to my bulletin board.

Youtube Slide Show Memorial

Amelia Bruno & Steve Robinson "The Two of Us" NATURE NOTES songs - along with Sundae Horn, Jeanette Gilbert, Geoff and the Gaia Choir

01 Watching the River Run

02 Downeaster Alexa

03 Rocky Mountain High

04 Apeman

05 Power

06 Paradise

07 The River

08 Big Yellow Taxi

More then "Two of Us" Music - Live at the Buttonwood

09 Hello Old Friends

10 My Flamingo

11 Angel

12 Little Wing

13 Brothers in Arms

14 Down in the Everglades

15 Uncle John's Band

16 Moondance

17 All Along the Watchtower

18 Fins and Friends

19 Desperado

20 I Can't Help But Wonder

21 Lincoln Duncan

22 Seminole Wind - One of Steve's Favorites

23 I Will Remember You

From Michael Murray - Recorded September 14, 2003. Steve & Amelia with Fireweed, Crater Lake Community Center

24 Like a Rolling Stone

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